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The charge of the Academic Committee is coordination and support of SHM efforts for academic hospitalists. This should include providing the educational and curricular resources for academic hospitalists as well as career development support. This committee will be involved with SHM relationships with key academic organizations external to SHM.
The charge of the Annual Meeting Committee is to develop the content for the SHM Annual Conference and Pre-Courses, including topics, speakers and learning objectives.
The charge of the Awards Committee is to develop, revise and promote the awards presented by SHM. The committee will recommend the winners of the awards to the Board for approval. It will also recommend the addition or deletion of awards for future consideration to the Board for approval. This is a closed committee comprised of a mix of past award winners and appointees from the SHM board of directors.
Nomination for this award is currently closed.
The charge of the Chapter Support Committee is to provide the society's chapters with an effective foundation and platform for success, consistent with SHM's mission, vision, values and goals. The committee is a closed committee comprised of current or past chapter leaders appointed by the SHM board of directors.
Nomination for this award is currently closed.
The charge of the Communications Strategy Committee is to develop and make recommendations to an overall SHM content strategy for SHM?s offline and online publications, newsletters, websites and social media. The committee will utilize the Communications Roadmap for Success as the basis of their work.
The charge of the Digital Learning Committee is to provide strategic leadership for SHM staff as they aim to develop, implement and grow a robust online CME education program. The success of the online program will be determined by the extent to which it engages a geographically disperse SHM membership and measurably improves patient outcomes through enhancement of medical knowledge, clinical competence and performance.
The charge of the Education Committee is to provide recommendations on policies and actions that enhance education within hospital medicine in order to position SHM as the go-to resource for hospital medicine education. The committee is also charged with providing education that improves communication with individual patients in all aspects of practice and the public regarding health promotion.
The charge of the Hospital Quality and Patient Safety Committee is to oversee the efforts of SHM within quality improvement, reduction in medical errors, and advances in patient safety. This Committee should explore opportunities to provide Hospitalists with the skills and the tools to become leaders in quality initiatives in Hospital Medicine.
The charge of the Membership Committee is to promote and advance the continuing growth and diversity of membership and to ensure that all members can share in the material and intellectual resources of SHM. This is a closed committee and comprised of Special Interest Group (SIG) chairs or their designee, whom must be on the SIG executive council.
Nomination for this award is currently closed.
The charge of the Performance Measurement and Reporting Committee is to develop a coordinated approach for SHM to work with external organizations in the performance, standards and quality arena.
The charge of the Physicians in Training Committee is to engage medical students and residents with the practice of hospital medicine and the mission of SHM. The committee also prepares trainees and early-career hospitalists in their transition into hospital medicine.
The charge of the Practice Analysis Subcommittee is to provide data and analysis on the characteristics of hospitalists and hospital medicine practices, provide information on the value of the services provided by hospital medicine practices and provide data and information that can be used by hospital medicine practices to improve their efficiency and productivity. Nominations to serve on this committee are only open on even years as members selected for this committee serve two year terms.
The Practice Management Committee will advise the Society regarding issues related to the business aspects of hospital medicine and the management of hospital medicine groups, and will oversee the development of member communication, education and resources related to practice operations.
The charge of the Public Policy Committee is to make recommendations to the SHM Board on policy statements, positions, and objectives. The committee will also recommend to the Board potential issues for study and review as well as processes for developing public policy. Committee will strategize with SHM staff to actively advocate for board approved positions and policy objectives.
The charge of the Research Committee is to develop, promote, and make recommendations of an SHM research agenda. The Committee will make recommendations to the SHM Board to enhance SHM's efforts to encourage and promote research activities in hospital medicine. The Committee will look for opportunities to encourage SHM members to participate in research activities.


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